The PIRL Transformation

What does a PIRL producer believe? How do they act? How do they live?

In this article, I’ll share our philosophy and what becoming a PIRL Producer will do to transform your life.

Every producer I know has some area of their business they want to improve.

For the vast majority, it usually revolves around making more money.

For those who make good money, it’s usually a mixture of finding additional lead sources because they are worried about sustaining that level of income, or they are looking for a smart way to do business because they are grinding it out…

Why You Should Stop Following Up Forever And Use This New Annuity Fracking Technology To Multiply Your Profits By Over 400%

For decades, U.S. Presidents preached the importance of energy independence to our national security.
Depending on mid-eastern countries and Russia was a dangerous and foolish position for our country to be in.
For years we imported up to 60% of our oil from countries, like Russia and Iran, that hated us!
But the miracle of fracking changed all that – and by the end of 2015, we became the world’s largest producer of natural gas…and became completely energy independent…

How to Manufacture, On Purpose, The Virtual Lifestyle Like a Bear Naked Grizzly Hunting for Salmon at Glacier National Park

Living the virtual lifestyle is precious.

Very few people have truly figured it out. Many ‘gooorooos’ out there show their fancy cars, rich houses, and amazing lifestyle all over Facebook.

Yet when you pull back the onion peel, you realize they work about 70 hours a week, constantly are on the income roller coaster, and always have to hustle to pay their bills…