Why You Should Stop Following Up Forever And Use This New Annuity Fracking Technology To Multiply Your Profits By Over 400%

For decades, U.S. Presidents preached the importance of energy independence to our national security.

Depending on mid-eastern countries and Russia was a dangerous and foolish position for our country to be in.

For years we imported up to 60% of our oil from countries, like Russia and Iran, that hated us!

But the miracle of fracking changed all that – and by the end of 2015, we became the world’s largest producer of natural gas…and became completely energy independent…

This Unleashed a new, untapped flow of wealth.

Over the years, traditional oil exploration was getting more and more expensive, requiring drillers to go deeper and deeper. Often these wells would run dry and require more investment and risk to find new reserves… (Does that sound like seminars in our industry?)

At the same time, oil companies knew there were billions of dollars worth of oil and gas locked away in the shale (rock) surrounding their oil wells, but they simply couldn’t use traditional drilling strategies to extract it.

The remarkable wealth explosion and energy boom came through a new technology that unleashed the vast oil and gas reserves trapped in these rocks.

How a 31-Year-Old Engineer, Desperate To Keep His Job and Care For His New Wife And Baby, Changed The World

In 1995 Nick Steinsberger was just 31 years old.

He had just been promoted to the Barnett Shale in Justin, Texas.

The Barnett consisted of incredibly dense rock. It cost over a million dollars just to drill one well.

Soon after his promotion, the Barnett began to fail and started losing money.

Nick was called in by the big boss. He was told they were going to shut it down soon and he’d be out of a job if they couldn’t get it turned around.

Steinsberger realized the only way to save his job was to make the well profitable; cut costs and improve output.

One night as he was laying in bed asking himself, “What can I do?” he came upon an idea that would change the world forever.

He would try to replace the expensive gel mixture they were using to try and extract natural gas from the shale.

This gel was almost half the cost of these wells. He invented a new mixture that was dirt-cheap. It was a mix of bleach to kill the bacteria and water and soap to help the water flow down the pipes.

Nick still remembers that chilly morning in June when he showed up to try out his idea.

“There was equipment and giant rigs everywhere, but my eyes were glued to one thing: The pressure gauge.”

The pressure gauge told the story — if his new technology would crack the code or leave him jobless.

Nick pumped 800,000 gallons of his new mixture into the well and waited.

Then, it happened… The pressure went up, up, up!

Gas and oil were flowing! His new technology just created a new kind of GUSHER.

A Gusher that would unlock several TRILLION dollars of additional wealth in these reserves.

This new approach was TWICE as productive and less expensive than the old method.

“The moment at this well in central Texas had an impact that was almost unimaginable.”

Gary Sernovitz, Author “The Green And The Black”

This new technology cracked the code to extract Trillions in profits.

Profits that are were ALWAYS THERE, we just needed new technology to extract it.

That same wealth-exploding phenomenon is available to you in your business right now.

You are “literally” sitting on millions in commissions from every marketing campaign you do plus millions more from past unconverted leads…right at your fingertips…

Let me explain…

When you generate leads, there is always a small group of prospects who are ready to buy now. These ‘ready to buy’ sales are called the front-end of your marketing funnel.

But…there is a much larger group of prospects who are not ready to buy right now, but they will convert eventually given the right process.

This has been proven over and over by marketing analysis over decades.

These front-end sales are not very profitable, but they serve an ESSENTIAL purpose.

Their job is to pay for the cost of the marketing campaign.

Think of a retailer advertising a steep discount on a popular item to get people in the door, then selling higher margin ‘back end’ products to generate real profits.

They lose money on the ‘loss leader’ (there’s a reason it’s called that) and they profit on the rest of the sales.


To MAXIMIZE income, the front end of your marketing should not be focused on making a profit.

Its purpose is to simply pay for the marketing that can generate the REAL profits in the back end.

In our business selling annuities and IULs, the front end refers to the cases we close in the first 60-90 days. These clients should ‘self-liquidate’ the marketing. Meaning they cover the costs of the marketing or leads, so your cash is liquid, it’s paid for itself.

Because these front-end sales go toward paying for the marketing, the margin on the front end is very low. The profit is eaten up in media (direct mail, radio, TV, etc.), overhead, staff, your own living expenses, etc.

The problem is most advisors don’t have a system to take the real profits from the back end. They DEPEND on front-end sales to run their entire business and give them their income.

Take a traditional seminar for example:

You spend $8,000

You get 50 phone calls.

40 people register for the event.

30 people show up.

10 people set appointments

7 show up to meet with you.

You close 4 deals.

Those 4 deals self-liquidated the marketing, covered your operating and overhead costs, and generated a little profit along the way.

If you average $10,000 commission on each sale, then your first 4 sales brought in $40,000.

But, after paying the $8,000 for the seminar, paying staff, overhead, paying off the credit card, your mortgage and living expenses, and taxes, there is typically very little profit in those front-end sales. Maybe you keep $10,000-$15,000 net if you are lucky…and we both know not all campaigns are so lucky.

But the real value of those 4 front-end sales is the 46 additional ‘back end’ unconverted leads you can add to your equity bank.

Don’t focus on the first 4 cases. Instead, think of the NEXT 4 cases you close from this group of leads. How profitable are those?

That’s another $40,000 commission. And how much did you have to pay to get those deals?


This $40,000 back end revenue is

This is 400% more profit from the exact same campaign. $10,000 net compared to $50,000 net.

Can you start to see why this is so powerful?

PLUS, when you commit to monetizing the back end with our ANNUITY FRACKING technology, this 400% profit is way easier to earn. No heavy selling, no multiple call sales process, no follow up phone calls chasing people down.

Your Annuity Fracking system will do
all the hard work for you.

These Equity Bank cases will typically be larger commissions because (using the formula I’ll share with you in a second) prospects are more comfortable, more trusting, more willing to invest with you.

They also close at a higher rate because they are pre-sold and converted to buying before you ever even speak with them.

Most bungler advisors see unconverted leads and are upset and disappointed they don’t close more of them.

So, what do they do?

The go out and run another front-end marketing campaign. They spend more money to bring in another meager 3 to 1 ROI.

Or they quit. They complain the leads are no good. People won’t answer the phone, or they just can’t get the return they are looking for, so they stop a marketing system that could produce MILLIONS in profits if they just had an Equity Bank to extract the real profits.

Now, lest you jump to the faulty conclusion that monetizing your equity bank is just doing ‘follow up’…

Let me clarify…

Traditional “Follow Up” should be banned forever in our industry.

Follow up is simply “Pestering someone until they buy.”

We simply can’t afford to be pesky salespeople if we want to enjoy the massive profits available using the equity bank extraction.

The two positions are diametrically opposed.

One is a position of neediness.

Of ‘ZERO differentiation.”

Of desperation.

Of “I have nothing better to do than to call and follow up with you.”

Of ZERO added value.

Of ZERO conversion psychology.

This Is The Profit Producing Secret To

Massive Equity Bank Commissions

This is critical.

I want you to think about the traditional ‘bungler’ method of follow up promoted in our industry for the past 50 years.

Ever heard the terrible advice of “Persistence Pays Off”?

That’s BULL

Instead, I want you to ask yourself just 2 questions:

First: “What does a prospect think when they get repeated phone calls from you?”

That you are busy? That you are in high demand? That you are a person of HIGH STATUS?

Of course not.

No one of high-status does follow up phone calls. High-Status people are the ones screening their incoming phone calls.

What does that phone call usually consist of? “Hey just checking in to see how things are going.”

But what are you really saying?

You are saying, “I’m checking to see if I can sell you something.”

Of course, your prospect knows that’s what this is. There is no added value. There’s no helpful or entertaining content.

Just “sell, sell, sell.”

So, the truth is every ‘follow up’ call is an “I’m a salesman” call.

Prospects are repulsed by salespeople; they see them as a pest trying to take their money.

The second question is the REAL takeaway. It’s worth writing this down …

When you do traditional ‘follow up,’ what have you done to guarantee that lead is now more inclined to buy from you than they were before?

For most agents the answer is NOTHING. This is why I say…


Obviously, the reason why follow up is so ineffective is because over those 4 months you’ve done NOTHING to actually convert that prospect into a believer that they should buy an annuity or IUL from you.

What new buying beliefs have you helped install into their minds during the past 4 months that annuities are a must-have?

How have you positioned yourself as a HIGH-STATUS expert to ensure they trust you and want to buy from you and no one else?

Are you using retargeting to ensure they see you “everywhere” online?

What interesting content have you sent that clearly answers the question, “Why should I do business with you above any and all other options, regardless of product or price?”

What multistep, multimedia marketing system are you using to get them to consume your entertaining and informative content?

Have you overcome every single objection holding them back while simultaneously accelerating their desire to buy from you now?

If you do send follow up content, what are you sending?

For most agents, it’s either salesy follow-up like, “Here’s why annuities are so good, let’s get together.”

Or terribly boring educational content. A market report? A magazine article written by someone else? Some private label video content that bores them to tears?

Educators don’t get paid squat in our world, so why are you trying to educate prospects? You can educate them right into buying from someone else. Or simply make your prospect completely tune you out!

There is no other way to say it.

Traditional Follow Up Is the

GRIM REAPER to your profits.

If you are doing any of the above, please stop.

Instead, just like Hydraulic Fracking unleashed trillions in wealth, using the Annuity Fracking formula called Equity Bank Extraction can make you millions in lost commissions from back-end prospects because they come to the conclusion, on their own, that they want to buy from you.

Extraction Technology

Buying Belief Chains


Infotaining Copy


Fractal Frequency


Massive Profits

The first step of the formula is

Establishing Presold Buyers with
A Buying Belief Chain

Perry Belcher is a world-renown business expert who has sold hundreds of millions in products in dozens of industries across the world.

His number 1 rule for selling anything is “The 1 Thing.”

He says: “Make your sale about JUST 1 Thing. Focus on getting your prospect to believe just this 1 thing that will lead them to conclude they must buy your product.”

So what is the 1 belief a prospect needs to adopt to buy an annuity from you right now?

They must believe, “For this portion of my money there is no better option to accomplish my goal than this annuity right now, from you.”

Once they adopt this belief they are ‘sold.’ They’ve come to the intrinsic decision they want the annuity, that it’s the best possible decision for them at this time. And they will only buy it from you.

Getting someone to that point requires a sequence of steps, smaller beliefs that build one on the next in a logical order, just like a staircase from the bottom to the top floor.

You can’t jump from the ground level to the top floor. You can’t go from zero to ‘buy this annuity from me now’ if you want good results.

This sequence of beliefs is called a “Buying Belief Chain.”

The only way to get prospects to show up at your door, pre-sold, check in hand, is to have a buying belief chain that has led them from one belief to the next until they arrive at THE ONE BELIEF.

Let me give you an example of some of the steps in a Buying Belief Chain for an annuity.

-The prospect needs to believe they don’t want to lose their money.

(This may sound obvious, but many prospects don’t believe that losing money in the market is a bad thing. They listen to the pundits who say, “It will all come back.”)

-In order to get them to this point, they may need to believe losses have a disproportionate effect on their wealth vs gains. (For example, a 50% loss requires 100% gain to get back to even.)

-They need to believe that the stock market is not safe because of world events happening.

Once they believe in safety, this leads to the second part of building a belief chain: Disqualifying all other alternatives.

This is critical because once the prospect has adopted the belief that they need to keep their money safe, they have all kinds of options.

They could put their money in bank accounts, CDs, cash, gold, silver, real estate, whole life insurance, bonds, sophisticated dynamic rebalancing portfolio management.

So, for maximum profits, it’s necessary to disqualify each and every one of these options so they ultimately come to the conclusion that an annuity is the very best choice.

For example, they need to believe leaving their money in the bank is too risky because they are guaranteed to lose to inflation. They need to believe that Gold won’t give them the income they want, that Real Estate isn’t a good option for a myriad of reasons.

Some of these are bigger obstacles than others.

For example, when your prospect talks to their investment advisor, you know bonds are going to come up, so you have to help them come to the intrinsic decision they don’t want bonds. Otherwise, they simply move money into bonds and forget annuities altogether.

The third belief chain is called the “Category of 1.”

Once your prospect has adopted the buying belief chain, and you’ve disqualified all other options, you have one more hill to climb.

You can do the first two steps perfectly, but if you miss this last step, all you’ve done is made money for your biggest competition.

You absolutely must develop a category of 1 belief which means the only person they would ever consider doing business with is you.

You are the clear and obvious choice.

You are not ‘an insurance salesperson’ or ‘an annuity guy.’

The prospect sees you as a charismatic authority that they would be lucky to do business with. They feel like they know you, trust you, and want to do business with you and only you.

Now tell me this, does “Traditional Follow Up” accomplish this?

Of course not.

Using Equity Bank Extraction technology, you can install these beliefs using digital and analog media in the Fractal Frequency step which we’ll cover in step 3.

WARNING: This is not about selling product.

Selling the product is educating your prospecting.

This is not educating.

We would never educate our prospects about the product or “how great annuities are” to expand and accept the belief that guaranteed income is important for a portion of their portfolio.

That’s why the average agent will fail at this, trying to do this without the formula.


Freediving is a sport where divers compete to see how far down they can dive in the ocean without oxygen. Some can dive over 200 feet, but it’s not uncommon to see these divers die from going too deep.

Freediving in selling means educating prospects about product knowledge.

This doesn’t support the sale, it only creates more questions, confusion, and objections.

It’s also guaranteed to bring competitors into the picture and cost yourself sales.

Education isn’t helpful to the sale; installing belief chains is.

You need to use the 3 types of belief chains and then write compelling content that subliminally installs those beliefs into your prospects’ minds, like inception.

This leads us to step 2.

Element 2: Infotaining Copy

Attention is the new currency.

Whatever has our attention gets our money.

If you can’t keep your prospects attention, you have no chance to convert them into clients.

This is why it’s more important than ever to avoid educating.

Education is boring. Educators get paid a pittance, while entertainers make millions.

This indisputable fact is why all the content for your equity bank extraction needs to be well written, fun to consume, and compelling WHILE installing the buying belief chain.

This is called “infotainment.”

Infotaining copy is the combination of information and entertainment.

This ENTERTAINING content gets attention and gets consumption… meanwhile, the informing content creates new beliefs your prospect adopts along the belief chain.

Most producers are not gifted writers.

Writing is difficult.

Infotaining copy is even more difficult.

This is a skill that can take years to acquire, but it’s 100% necessary to extract maximum profits from your equity bank.

Infotaining copy understands the psyche of the prospect and joins the conversation already going on in their own head.

Once you’ve joined that conversation you can effectively influence their thoughts and beliefs.

Interesting content and fascination with you as a personality will keep them plugged in and consuming your content.

This is not product information, boring studies, market reports, or education about the sequence of returns, indexing strategy, or features of an annuity. In fact, the word annuity is rarely even mentioned.

Infotaining copy also builds trust and relationship with you through injecting shared values into your content.

Affinity Bridges lead to deeper relationships and make them like you because you have things in common.

All while building authority by creating an interesting Persona.

When it comes down to it, your prospect ultimately buys into YOU, not whatever flavor of the month product is hot right now.

They want to do business with you regardless of the product you may recommend. This is true power because you are competing in a vacuum at this point.

Fractal Frequency

A fractal is a repeating pattern where the deeper you go the more the pattern repeats itself.

To effectively extract maximum profits from your equity bank we can’t rely on a single source of media or a single exposure to our content to create intrinsic persuasion.

No matter how compelling we are, prospects won’t consume every piece of content we create. And they may only consume one channel. They may not read email or watch videos, but they may love reading mail they receive via snail mail. Some may love listening to podcasts or YouTube videos.

Others may consume multiple media channels and become more converted the more content they consume.

This requires us to use fractal frequency with Infotaining content to ensure none of our buying beliefs fall through the cracks. This means using different media, repeated over time with infotainment to install our buying belief chains.

The Equity Bank Extraction technology combines digital and analog marketing fractals with Infotaining copy to install all of these elements plus the brand new “Status Enhancing” programmatic targeting technology that allows you to be in front of your prospect everywhere they go online.

This new retargeting system allows you, your personality, and your brand to appear on virtually any website your prospect visits anywhere on the web.

This includes the largest websites in the world such as Fox News, ESPN, Yahoo, Facebook, and an unlimited list of other digital properties.

Imagine what it will do to your level of status and credibility when they see you and your picture repeatedly on the local and national news and entertainment sites.

One of the most powerful persuasion elements in marketing is familiarity.

The more familiar your prospect is with you — your face, your message, your content, your business — the more they see you, the more they trust you.

The more they get to know you…the more likely they are to buy.

Imagine what happens to a prospect who consistently gets your entertaining emails, compelling videos, fascinating physical newsletters in the mail, and then they see you on all the major websites on the web…

All done with interesting, engaging, Infotaining content that is systematically installing your buying belief chain into your prospects’ minds.

This systematic approach to consistently and automatically convincing prospects that you are the answer to their problems.

This is the power of having multiple ‘fractals’ of media converge on one prospect.

This preeminence makes you a charismatic leader that converts past prospects, and even current clients so they want to buy from you and only you.

Once they come to this point.

They literally call you and say…

I am excited to talk with you. I’d like to get started.”

As you can imagine, when you combine these three elements of the Equity Bank Extraction formula, you convert significantly more leads into clients.

You do so more easily than ever before, creating effortless income.

Ethan and I have been working for months to bring to our PIRL Producer (agents writing business with us) a solution to make it brain-dead simple for you to make 400% more on all your marketing and leads…without you becoming an expert copywriter.

That day is coming. In fact, it will be here soon. And even better?

It’s FREE.

That’s right, the entire system of email copy, videos, newsletters, and programmatic retargeting will be free to our loyal PIRL Producers.