How to Manufacture, On Purpose, The Virtual Lifestyle Like a Bear Naked Grizzly Hunting for Salmon at Glacier National Park

Living the virtual lifestyle is precious.

Very few people have truly figured it out. Many ‘gooorooos’ out there show their fancy cars, rich houses, and amazing lifestyle all over Facebook.

Yet when you pull back the onion peel, you realize they work about 70 hours a week, constantly are on the income roller coaster, and always have to hustle to pay their bills.

I detest Social Media.

Hate it with a vengeance. I hardly ever use it except for some business purposes.

You don’t see me posting pictures about the Ferrari in my garage or my big, expensive house.

Nope… I keep that stuff off Fakebook, away from most people.

Why? Because I don’t need to show that to every single person to make more money or feel better about myself.

My war chest is pretty big because I strategically manufactured it that way.

I live an amazing virtual lifestyle and have a PIRL business running 24-hours a day…

Because I built it so.

Now, at times, showing that stuff, in the right light, can be very persuasive and strategic to the right group of people.

But not to the whole world in the cesspool of FakeBook.

Yep, you read that right. Most people who post their amazing lives on Fakebook are fake.

How do I know? Because I have been in meetings with some of the most prominent marketers and heard the real story.

Sure, some of them do make great money…but they are still working themselves to the bone, chasing the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow.

It’s all about how much money they can make and how quickly.

Now, I’m not against making a lot of money or even doing it quickly, as long as the most important things in life don’t get out of whack.

Is it worth grinding it out 80 hours a week, but never seeing your family?

Or spending so much time in a car, you start to have back problems?

IF you look at the statistics in this industry when it comes to most agent’s health and family relationships, the numbers are not promising.

Many marriages are strained.

Most producers don’t see their wife and kids enough.

And the majority have major health problems.

Now, is that the life you dreamed up when you entered this business?

Did you sit down early in your career and decide:

I want to never see my family

I want to work so much I can’t have time for hobbies

I want to be out of shape and overweight

I want to constantly be in and out of the hospital

I can’t think of many sane agents/advisors who would ever choose that over…

Working only 25 hours a week

Making a high six or seven-figure income, while working less

Having ample time with friends and family

Living anywhere in the world

Working out each day and eating healthy

Sure, some agents have some of those ingredients in their lives.

But very, few have all of them.

You might be one of those agents that wakes up at 4:00 in the morning to exercise and get your morning routines done before the daily grind starts.

That’s because you’ve been told by “other success goooroos” to wake up early in order to be successful.

Is it?

What if you woke up at 8:00 A.M. each day?

And because you only had to work 5 hours each day, you didn’t have to wake up so early?

Could you still be successful?

That question depends on how you have strategically spent time plotting, planning, and manufacturing what each business day should look like.

I used to get up at 4 to get everything done… because, like you, I bought into the other mumbo-jumbo taught by many other success ‘goooorooos.”

One day I decided to unplug my umbilical cord and think for myself.

Because I’ve spent the last few years envisioning, designing, and manufacturing what the PIRL business would look like …

Here’s what I did, last month, tromping all over Montana.

I worked about 25 hours a week and the rest of the time…

I have been…

Hiking all over Montana with the family


Visiting Glacier National Park

Trail running

Bike riding

Fly fishing (picked this up after a 20-year hiatus)



Doing absolutely nothing (one of my favorite things)

Meditating while looking at the lake

Jet Skiing


Chasing my wife around the cabin!

Looking at my investments

And so much more…

My workday consists of waking up at 6:00 and doing my morning routine. I review my goals, meditate by the lake, and practice my theater of the mind.

Next, I exercise. That consists of a bike riding, swimming across the lake, or an amazing trail run.

While I’m running, I listen to a book or business podcast.

My current favorite podcast is: Smith Sense

Current book = ME, Inc. by Gene Simmons.

Then I spend the next few hours writing (emails, copy, and such), having calls with clients or staff, and planning the course for the future.

Bear Naked Hidden Gem: Most people don’t spend enough time thinking about where they are going and truly plotting, mapping, and scheming ways to arrive faster, smarter, and richer.

That’s why people don’t arrive at the destination of their choice.

They may dream about what paradise is like.

Then that fades to the back as they click on the TV and veg out, letting the world control them…versus YOU forcing your will on the world.

If you let the world, others, and the environment mold and message your thoughts, you become like the rest of the sheep in this world who need someone to follow.

It’s something I learned from the late and great, Gary Halbert.

Most people are walking around with their umbilical cord looking for a place to plug in.

Now on one side, this is a very smart marketing lesson (I plan on writing my entire article next month on this).

The deeper lesson is NOT to be one of those people.

You want to be an agent of action. This comes from carefully planning, plodding, scheming, and blocking ample time to…

Review goals

  • Envision where you want to end up (i.e. your perfect day, the ideal virtual lifestyle)
  • Map out the steps to arrive
  • Course correct when needed

Otherwise, you let others act upon you.

This is why so many people listen to the wrong advice.

End up at the wrong spot in life.

And never accumulate a huge war-chest nor build a PIRL Business.

You may not want the virtual lifestyle or the PIRL Business (then you are probably in the wrong place…reading from me).

You might feel more comfortable accepting the reality that it is too late to change and that manual labor, not seeing your family, and health issues are better than trying to become an agent of change in your life.

If that’s the case, I may not be able to help.

However, if you want a change…and want to truly create something better than we have something coming down the pike that may help.

To be upfront, it does require your commitment to write business (not just throw us a bone with a contract you never intend to write) with US… and continue to write business.

Essentially, it’s for producers.

The program is the P.I.R.L. Producer Program.

It’s an intensive, 12-month program that walks you through A to Z how to manufacture a PIRL business in your life.

This is more than just getting leads.

Or getting a higher contract.

This program is the whole enchilada from how to think about your business… how to design it… and how to live it.

It won’t happen overnight.

That means, agents who are looking for a quick fix won’t be a good fit.