Becoming The Source Of Information For Your Prospects

If you read through the next few pages, spend the time to fully understand the content written, and become a true student of the subject matter.

You will become so…wildly rich… that you’ll need to buy an extra garage just to store all the gold bars you accumulate.

Sadly, most people don’t spend the time truly digging in to understand human nature. When I first heard the term “human nature”, it seemed quite vague to me. So, I can understand why you might be lost or don’t fully comprehend when I say, “YOU need to understand human nature.”

Now, let’s first clarify what it’s NOT. This is not watching people on a park bench for a few hours a day and saying to yourself, “Hey, I understand why people do certain things or don’t do other things. ”Nor is it reading one book on persuasion/sales and calling yourself an expert in the subject. In fact, it really has nothing to do with sales tactics at all.

Nope, none of that. It requires you to actually become a life-long student of the subject matter. And like all students, with constant effort, you quickly become a master.

That is the promise I can make to you in these hallowed pages I write…if you truly dedicate yourself to becoming a student of human nature, you’ll be able to accomplish most every wealth-goal you’ve ever written down or had.

I once had a mentor say these words to me…

“Ethan, if you understand human nature, you can control the world.”

At first, I had no idea what he meant. Why? Because I had not spent the time dedicating myself to the cause.

It’s like ol’ Harry Potter. He sure had some raw talent…but he never really learned how to master that talent until he became a student of his art. That means putting in the time.

Fortunately, “putting in the time” means carving out a few hours a month to studying, reading, and understanding what human nature is.

Once, I started down that path, I never looked back…and ever since, my war chest only gets bigger and bigger every month (I know because I looked at it this morning and it was overflowing in riches).

On our money-making, award-winning Zone Call, Brett and I often talk about principles to help you have a PIRL Business, such as…

-Generating massive amounts of appointments/leads

-Increasing your Value Per Hour

-How to become the marketer of your product, not the seller of it

-And how to use the Charismatic Authority doctrine to truly stand out

Now all of these are strategies that, when implemented properly, can definitely add to your war chest of riches. But they won’t add a single gold coin if you don’t understand the ”human nature” of how to make them work.

Let me give you a very concrete example.

Recently on the Zone (That’s the second time I’ve mentioned this amazing weekly call we do. If you don’t have access to it, call us today and get contracted so you can get tapped into all the hidden gems)…I discussed a way where you could work only 30 minutes per day and unlock massive commissions every year.

I went over the exact process I use, how to implement it within 30 minutes, and how to unlock massive commissions within a few weeks.

Now I’ve taught this 30-MInute Workday process to other agents. They wrote down all the notes, listed out all the steps, and implemented them… but overlooked the most important part of the training I give… which is WHY people will open your emails, engage and read them, and want to respond.

These knucklehead agents only see the steps in the process… and think to themselves, if I just do the mechanics, I will make millions.

If it were that easy, everyone would do it. Anyone can send an email to a past prospect or client. Very few will understand the magic behind writing it in a way where you become a source of information your prospects look forward to reading…and how to build infinity bridges so strong that people literally want to respond and schedule appointments with you…ready to go, with check in hand.

This is an example of why so many agents/advisors fail at marketing campaigns or even sales. They try to memorize the mechanics step-by-step. Granted, it sure is easier if you can just follow a system or script word for word and build a war chest full of diamonds.

In real life, it hardly works that way. Why? Again, it comes down to human nature. Now, you may be saying, “Ethan, I know of marketing systems where they tell me everything I need to do, say, and be to make tons of commissions. “Yes, my dear PIRL Producer, I have seen those systems too. I have looked into them and tested some.

Yet, if you pare them down, looking behind the onion peel, the person who scripted that system “understood human nature” if they even work at all. “However, many fail since they are just a script. And people typically don’t respond to a script. They respond to effective, constructed persuasion based on human nature.

For example, here is something I learned early in my studies of the subject… “People will resist something if they know what it is up front. ”So if you come out of the gate on every first appointment and tell each and every person an annuity is the best and only thing for them…and no other options exist…what do you think they are going to do when you tell them you’re going to “educate them to death” on why annuities are so amazing?

They will resist. They might give you a few minutes on a first appointment to not be rude or to collect some free information, but they will disappear and you’ll be seen as the annuity salesperson trying to chase them down.

Not a great position to be in. Actually, it’s horrible to always be seen as the annuity or IUL salesperson. It feels grimy…even if you are making money.

What’s better? Being more sleuth about it. Getting someone on a call and learning how to be a Master Sleuth, like Colombo (if you have never watched this series, you’ve missed some of the most valuable content on human nature ever created for TV).

Colombo never showed up and said, “Hey, Mr. Prospect, I’m going to ask you a whole bunch of questions today so you will let your guard down and give me a whole bunch of information that could either put you or someone you know behind bars for a considerable amount of time.”

We both know that would be absurd If he said those words. He wouldn’t catch anyone. That’s why he had to show up more sleuth-like and ask questions in such a dummy-like fashion, people almost thought he was incompetent. Yet, who cares what they think if the strategy actually works…and in the end, he usually caught the guy or gal.

That single phrase of human nature has helped me make millions in marketing campaigns. Think of all the agents who try Facebook, Direct Mail, Radio, LinkedIn, or Google Adwords and fail simply because they don’t understand the mechanics of creating ads based on human nature.

At the beginning of this money-making seminar in print you’re receiving today, it mentions, “Most people are walking around with their umbilical cord in their hands, looking for a place to plug in.”

Let’s dissect that for a second.

First, you could look at it from the vein of “what are the mechanics” or the “steps-behind” of how it works. If so, you will go through the motions and ultimately fail.

However, if you look at it from the eye of human nature, then it starts to take life. Let’s really think about what it means. People are walking around with their umbilical cords? Meaning what? Well, it means they are lost, looking for a place (or person) to trust…to belong…and plug into.

Now, you can’t stop just there. You still have to dive deeper. Okay, so the next question should be, “How do I become the source, person, or place where people plug in?” Do I just put up a sign and say, “Hey, I sell annuities.”

Well, as we’ve already discussed, that doesn’t work. That’s where you have to take a deeper dive to understand why people will plug in. One of the main reasons people plug in is for a sense of belonging or to be recognized.

Now you might say, “Ethan, that is just plain silly. Knowing that won’t help me fill my bank account full of commissions.”

If you’re still thinking that way, you’ve entirely missed the point and I might never be able to fill your garage with gold bars. However, if you can see a little light at the end of the tunnel and see all marketing, persuasion, and selling is embedded in human nature…then you can see how you can create a marketing campaign or even a business where people can belong and feel recognized. (this will take a whole different article that I will tackle next month…so you’ll want to make sure to wait patiently for it, rip it open, and read it word-for-word when it arrives).

What are some other reasons, people are looking to plug in? Well, because they, deep-down, want someone to follow…they want someone they can trust to tell them what to do.Life is easier that way. Most people are simply afraid, scared to death to fail, and make decisions that will make them look silly or lose money.

That was a whopper right there. So much money-making potential in that last sentence above. So, how would knowing that information about human nature help you in the marketing of your services and products? Well, instead of being an insurance salesperson marketing your wares, you learn to become the marketer of the problems your wares solve.

Huge distinction there.

Don’t focus on selling the product; focus on selling the problem first. This will completely change the way you construct all marketing from now on, regardless of the media you’re using.

People want to follow others. That’s why we developed our Charismatic Authority Doctrine. The entire program is based on human nature. When implemented properly, this positions you as a charismatic LEADER people want to follow (they can plug in their umbilical cords).

Sadly, this training is not currently for sale and we only delivered it once at a private, closed-door meeting. Fortunately, for those who decide to go deeper with us and become PIRL Producers in our new flagship production program, “The PIRL Producer”… will actually access it for FREE.